Untapped potential: There are millions of traders out there just waiting for an IB!

“Break all your mental ceilings. What you can achieve is purely based on your mindset. The bigger the goals, the bigger the motivation.”   

Online trading is attracting thousands of new traders to the financial markets every year. Through online courses, brokerages, and accessible mobile platforms, it’s never been easier to get involved in the financial markets.   

Even if you have little to no knowledge of online trading, you can still take advantage of the financial markets. How? By referring others to CMTrading.

Easier than ever to become a trader

In the past, to become a trader you would need some form of tertiary education such as a business degree and belong to a major firm to truly make a success. Today, it’s much easier to become a trader; all you need is internet access, free software, and a trading account.     

This means that there are potentially millions of traders out there for savvy individuals to tap connect with by starting your own Introducing Business.  

Still unconvinced that there’s a market out there? Consider this; according to “The Modern Trader” report there are approximately 13.9 million online traders worldwide.

It’s much easier to become a trader today than it was even 10 years ago. All you need is internet access, free software, and a trading account. To become a successful trader, however, you’ll need education and the support of a reputable brokerage.

If you’re still unsure as to whether you should be a trader, consider this; according to “The Modern Trader” report there are approximately 13.9 million online traders worldwide.    

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Earn long-term, stable income

Is it worth becoming an IB? Do people want to become traders? Charlie Charalambous, CMTrading’s Head of Global IBs, answers these questions and more below: 

Is it worth starting your own business in 2022?

It’s always a good idea to start your own business; you’re ultimately in control of your destiny. You’re not relying on someone else to dictate what they think you’re worth in the form of a paycheck, so there’s no reason to delay starting your own business in 2022.

Things appear to be getting back to normal, surely it’s risky being an entrepreneur?

Is it risky being an entrepreneur? Depends on your mindset. I think it’s risky not being an entrepreneur because ultimately you only live life once. You have certain objectives and goals that you want to achieve in your life and if your goals are big enough being an entrepreneur is the only way to do it. The biggest risk is not taking that risk. So ultimately if you have goals, being an entrepreneur ultimately running your own business is not a risk.  

How big is the market, do people want to become traders?

The market is huge. Anybody could trade. There are 8 billion people on the planet, every single one of those can trade. There’s no reason why they cannot. Do people want to become traders? I think ideally in the grand scheme of things everyone would like to, yet the reason that there is potentially some hesitancy is that they just do not know-how. I think with the correct education anybody could become a trader. Since that is the ability to leverage on a transaction, leverage increases the risk and at the same time increases the return. So, if you know how to manage that risk, you can make money.

How hard is it to become an online trader?

It’s extremely simple for a potential client to register – just go to go to the website, click Open account. And that’s it. When you refer others, the process couldn’t be simpler. 

What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

Wealth is ultimately the money you don’t have to work for. It’s the money that’s passively divided by your level of expenditure that you want to live by. If your passive income is greater than your expenditure, you’re financially independent. Our partner program accelerates. How can you achieve this? All you have to do to make a return is to refer clients. The more clients that you refer the more passive income you can earn. If you know how to use online marketing social media, it’s quite easy to generate income referrals. The best part is we take care of the rest because as we trade with your clients, you generate income.

Advice for partners for 2022

What advice would I give to partners? Break all your mental ceilings. What you can achieve is purely based on your mindset. The bigger the goals, the bigger the motivation. If you believe you can achieve something or you cannot achieve something, you’re 100% spot on. And I think to actually separate yourself from the crowd, 2022 or any other year, is start dreaming big and acting upon those dreams and you can achieve whatever you want. There are no limits. The only limitation is your mindset.


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Becoming an IB is an easy and exciting way to earn money – simply refer traders to CMTrading and let us do all the work! In return for referring clients to CMTrading, our IBs will receive a favorable commission.

So go ahead, start referring clients and earn money when they trade. It’s that simple! 


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