An Introducing Business (IBs) is created by any individual who joins our program and refers clients to the award-winning CMTrading platform.

In return for referring clients to CMTrading, our IBs receive commissions that scales according to their performance.

Anyone can join our partnership program by creating an account and no activation is necessary. 

Simply head over to and sign up. 

Becoming an IB is quick and easy, no fee is required to get started and everyone is welcome to join.

All partners get access to a dedicated dashboard on the CMTrading Partners website, where they can view and manage their commissions.

All partners get access to a dedicated dashboard on the CMTrading Partners website, where they can view and manage their commissions.   

Each client gets a unique referral link which tracks registrations. When a client signs up using your link, you will be credited for it automatically.   

Yes, you can link both your own trading account and/or your relatives accounts under your IB profile. Please, get in touch with your IB manager for assistance.  

Commissions are processed in the first week of the month. Typically, you should expect to receive your commission within the first two days of each month.  

You can get in touch with us by filling out a form with your details and inquiries at 

CMTrading is a regulated brokerage registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa and Seychelles.  

Please visit to find out about the benefits of our partnership program.   

Yes, we do offer managed accounts. In South Africa, this service is only available for licensed money managers.

Potential clients can open a trading account with just $100.

In order to verify their account, clients need to provide Proof of Identity as well as Proof of Residence documents.

Yes, partners can utilize CMTrading offices to hold meetings and seminars based on availability.

All CMTrading IBs will receive a certificate upon registration. Contact us for more information.   

All marketing materials are provided by CMTrading and customized to your specific needs.  

Log in to your dashboard to get access to all of our marketing tools including banners, brochures and presentations.    

CMTrading provides clients with and variety of innovative tools and services. These include daily market analysis and commentary videos, private coaching, access to free forex signals and our very own copytrading platform.   

Yes, our system supports multi-level accounts, which allow you to add other IBs under your profile and benefit from their performance.