“You are in complete control” – how to own your financial freedom and earn stable, secure income


Crypto, equities, gold… the world of online trading is an exciting space for traders. It’s constantly growing, and traders can find their way to profitability – provided they match experience with the right strategy.  

But what if you’ve never traded before, can you benefit from the financial markets? In short, absolutely; even if you have no trading experience, the financial markets can prove highly lucrative for those great at networking. 

Online trading can be hugely profitable for traders yet there are many opportunities for enterprising individuals. 

Partnering up with CMTrading, gives you complete control of your financial freedom. With our expert guidance and world-class tools you’ll be able to start your own business, refer, and earn your way to stable, secure income.  

In this article, we’ll have all your pressing questions answered by our global IB expert. 

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All your pressing questions answered  

Can you earn a stable income as an IB? What support does CMTrading offer? Charlie Charalambous, CMTrading’s Head of Global IBs, answers these questions and more below:  

Q: Isn’t it risky starting a business during the pandemic?  

“To say that we’ve experienced a changing world is an understatement as the pandemic radically changed all our live over the past two years. The financial impact of the pandemic has been significant. It’s difficult to say at what point in the future most governments will be able to pay for the support they’ve offered people. The net effect is that there are fewer jobs, many companies have folded and millions are now without work.  

“Through fear and managing that fear, people have ultimately changed their perceptions of work and income. Becoming an IB is an opportunity for people to start their own business and ultimately control their paycheck. They can benefit from a long-term income stream.”   

Q: What’s the appeal of being an IB?  

“The fundamental difference between successful people in business and most others, is that the successful ones take bigger risks. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. Most people don’t like taking risks. You must put in the work; what you put in; you get out.  

“I think there’s a greater opportunity now for people to start their own business. The benefit of starting an IB with CMTrading right now is that you don’t need any capital. This is not a franchise. You don’t need equipment apart from the laptop, which most probably already own.  

“Receive a stable income”  

“We will provide and assist people in starting their business. There are more people than ever before seeking different forms of income. That’s where trading comes into the equation. An IB can leverage that desire and benefit financially by using contacts to make introductions to us. In return, they receive a stable income.”   

Q: Can you make a success of this? Have others done so?  

“Of course, you can. This is a proven model. We have, since 2012, maintained and grown relationships with many IBs. They work with us over the long-term because we’re one of the biggest and oldest brands in South Africa. And more importantly, our unique selling proposition is that we pay them consistently, every month without them requesting their commissions. 

“More reliable than an employer paying your paycheck”  

“It’s all very well promoting a rate of commission that someone can earn, but the most important thing is making sure it gets paid. Anybody can make a success of this business. It just happens to be in forex and trading. We will help them in any way we can to grow their business.  

“It’s all driven by desire. That desire is driven by goals and their goals of having choice. Most crave security. The utmost security is knowing that when you wake up in the morning you are going to earn long-term income.”  

“Nothing gives you greater support and security than passive income. In fact, wealth is defined by passive income. Wealth fundamentally is your income divided by your expenditure. If that ratio is greater than one, you no longer need to work. For me, that is the utmost security. This is more reliable than an employer paying your paycheck.”   

Q: Can you earn an income?  

“You most definitely can and will earn an income. There are two methods of payment most companies will pay you through. You could become an affiliate or partner for most companies out there from Amazon to your local bank. Your bank will pay you $50 in some countries for referring an account to them, but this is a once-off payment. The downside to a one-time payment is – if you no longer bring any more business, you won’t receive more income. This isn’t sustainable.”    

“You are in complete control”  

“With us, when clients you refer trade, you receive an income. It’s called ‘dollars for lots’ on the amount of trading volume that they create. The good thing about trading volume is, if the client trading is making money, you receive income continuously. Therefore, if you create a portfolio of clients that are trading long-term, you can receive long-term income. You are in complete control of your finances. 

“Work smarter, not harder”  

“You Are In Complete Control” - How To Own Your Financial Freedom And Earn Stable, Secure Income

Q: Does this require a lot of effort and investment?  

“As I stated before, you get out what you put in; how many clients you refer and how often they trade will determine your income. But it’s not just about hard work. It’s about focused, deliberate activity; how can you get them to deposit, trade, and do the activities that create a business? It’s not about hard work – we encourage working smarter, not harder.”  

Q: I don’t know the first thing about starting a business – how will you help?  

“There’s no complete manual for starting your own business. There are some concepts you could learn. You can go to your bank, and they will provide you with material to start your own business account. But to be successful at any business, it’s about understanding your pain threshold. It’s about sacrifice. It’s about how much work you are prepared to put in to get the rewards you want. The key element of support that we provide is training and coaching to build a business long-term.”   

“It’s in our best interest for our IBs to make a lot of money”  

“You can have the best banner in the world but if people don’t get to see it, you’re not going to generate any business. Part of the support we provide is educating clients on how to use modern approaches to building a business such as social media and networking. It’s exponential rather than linear in the way it grows, so fundamentally it’s in our best interest for our IBs to make a lot of money. 

“The more money they make, the better our business. In fact, in my role, I’m rewarded by helping companies grow. I have more than 30 years of experience in helping companies grow, so all our IBs are in great, experienced hands. So, whether you’re brand new to the business or someone who’s established in trading, we will provide you with the necessary support, knowledge, and motivation to help you grow your business.”  

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