Step 8: How to use Telegram to expand your reach and grow your business

Marketing is how you spread your message, and a great tool to grow your presence is Telegram, a feature-full instant messaging app. In this article, we’ll help you make the most of one of the fastest-growing social platforms.

Anyone’s who’s started a new business will know it’s not easy even if you’ve followed all the steps in your business plan. You might find yourself facing a daunting proposition: “How do I show the world I have a business?”

Fortunately, you’re living in the greatest age of digital marketing and spreading your message and growing your network has never been easier. In this article, we’ll explore one of the fastest growing social platforms, the Telegram messaging app, and how you can use it for your business.

What is Telegram?

In a social era dominated by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, it’s easy to forget there are many rivals to those platforms. Telegram is a multi-platform messaging service launched in 2013. How popular is it? In 2021, the platform reports nearly 500 million monthly users.

Why should you use it?

You might be wondering “It’s just another messaging app, why should you use it?”

However, this rapidly growing platform could be beneficial to your business as a unique marketing tool. It’s akin to a messaging service albeit with many high-level features. The biggest drawcard, however, is its security – unlike other services, users can interact using aliases, without giving away their contact information. If you’ve seen the scandals affecting Facebook and Google with regards to breaches in their security and privacy policies and/or selling off user details, you’ll know why security is important.

Joining/creating Telegram groups

The other benefit of Telegram is its sociable nature – it’s like chatting to your clients in a WhatsApp group, albeit one that could contain potentially thousands of members. A good way to find potential customers is to join Forex trading group. One of the biggest is the Forex Signal Factory; with more than 12 thousand active members you’ll be well placed to acquire potential customers who are interested in trading. Communicating with other traders around the world and following top analysts within these groups will grow your network, increase your knowledge base and help generate potential leads.

Below is a list of its top features:

  1. Secret chat

One of the biggest advantages of using Telegram is its security. You can have secret chats utilising end-to-end encrypted messaging with a contact. This enables you to reach out to users or potential clients and have secure chats; users cannot forward messages or take screenshots in these chats.

  1. Self-destruct timers

If you don’t want messages in your secret chats to stick around, Telegram allows you to set self-destruct timers to permanently remove them. This is useful for one-time offers or events and marketing makes these opportunities even more exclusive.

  1. Username feature for contacts

The platform allows you to communicate with anyone even if you don’t have that person’s phone number. This ensures the privacy of both users and keeps you on the platform.

  1. Large file size limit

If you’re annoyed by WhatsApp’s file limit size of 100Mb, you’re going to love Telegram – it supports sharing files up to 1.5 GB. Not only is that a huge increase in size but users can send any file types through Telegram as well.

  1. Customisation

Unlike Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Telegram has many customisation options to make your profile, groups and channels unique. You can choose the app’s colour, how Telegram opens links, whether or not the UI displays animations, unique avatars and much more.

  1. AI Bots

While not unique to Telegram, the platform features easy chatbot integration. This allows you to create chatbots to improve the experience of your chats or groups.

  1. Schedule Messages

For marketers, you can schedule messages to be posted at a given time. Similar to email scheduling, you can schedule a message and pick the date and time of when it should be sent. A great way to engage your audience even when you’re not online.

  1. Send Silent Messages

Nothing puts off users like receiving a message in the dead of night only to find out its marketing material. A quirky feature of Telegram allows you to send “silent messages” that won’t trigger the recipient’s notification sound… even if the volume for notifications is turned on.

  1. Edit Sent Messages

Typos are the bane of marketers, especially if you’ve spotted the mistake way after sending out a message. You can edit any and all communication albeit with an “Edited” label being attached to the message after the fact.

  1. Polls and Quiz Mode

Everyone loves quizzes and this feature dominates Facebook and Twitter. In Telegram, you can create both anonymous and visible polls and even schedule them. Imagine having a quiz or poll in WhatsApp? If you run a Telegram group, this is could be a great way to engage with your users.

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This was the eighth part of an ongoing series that will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can build a profitable business as an Introducing Broker by leveraging the award-winning tools and services of CM Trading Partners.

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