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What is copy trading and how to use it to your advantage?

What is copy trading and how to use it to your advantage?


CFD trading offers a world of opportunities, where even a small investment can lead to substantial growth. But what if you’re a complete newcomer to the world of trading? Well, just like throughout history, you can still follow in the footsteps of experts.

Copy trading allows you to mimic the trades made by seasoned investors in the financial markets. The idea is simple: by copying another trader, you aim to replicate their positions and hopefully their success. You might not get the full blueprint of their strategy, but you can follow their trades faithfully. This differs from mirror trading, where you copy a trader’s actual strategies.

Copy trading emerged from the concept of mirror trading back in 2005. Initially, traders copied specific algorithms that were crafted through automated trading. Developers generously shared their trading histories, enabling others to mimic their strategies. This dynamic gave rise to a social trading network. Over time, traders began copying trades directly into their personal trading accounts, focusing on replicating another trader’s moves rather than their strategies.

With  CMTrading’s Copykat, you can tap into the wisdom of successful traders and effortlessly duplicate their achievements. Trade like a pro with just one click, even if you’re a complete newcomer to the trading scene. With Copykat as your companion, nothing can stand between you and your journey to becoming a truly prosperous trader.


How Copy Trading Empowers You

Choosing the Right Copy Trading Platform

Before you immerse yourself in the world of copy trading, it’s paramount to select carefully a trustworthy and respected copy trading platform. The platform you opt for will play a pivotal role in shaping your overall journey and, ultimately, your triumph as a copy trader. When making your selection, consider vital factors such as security, regulatory compliance, user-friendliness, asset diversity, and fee structures. Platforms like, for instance, not only boast a user-friendly interface but also offer a vast array of assets while adhering to strict regulatory standards.

Discovering the Ideal Traders to Follow

Once you’ve made your platform choice, the next step is to uncover seasoned traders worth following. Most copy trading platforms provide comprehensive trader profiles, showcasing their trading strategies, performance metrics, and risk assessments. Thorough research is your ally in identifying traders whose approaches align seamlessly with your financial aspirations and risk tolerance.

Strategizing Fund Allocation and Risk Management

After pinpointing a trader to copy, the allocation of funds to your copy trading account becomes imperative. The sum you designate should match your comfort level regarding risk and your overarching investment strategy. It’s vital to remember that copy trading carries inherent risks, necessitating effective risk management. A widely-used technique is the implementation of stop-loss orders, which serve as safeguards against potential losses.

Continuous Monitoring and Portfolio Adjustments

Copy trading is far from a “set it and forget it” tactic. It demands ongoing vigilance to ensure your portfolio remains aligned with your objectives and risk appetite. Periodically assess the performance of the traders you’re mirroring, and be ready to make refinements when warranted. CMTrading’s platform offers cutting-edge tools designed to facilitate the analysis and optimization of your portfolio.

Embark on your copy trading journey with the confidence that comes from making informed choices and staying attuned to the dynamic world of financial markets. With the right platform, savvy trader selections, prudent fund management, and vigilance in portfolio oversight, your path to success as a copy trader becomes illuminated.


Social Trading General Logic and Flow


Connecting with the Leader:

When a trader decides to follow a Leader, they transform into a Follower. This connection opens the door to an invaluable transfer of knowledge and experience. Once this Leader-Follower connection is established, every trade initiated by the Leader is automatically duplicated in the Follower’s account. To embark on this journey, a mere $250 is all you need to copy a skilled trader’s strategies.


Calculating Trade Volumes:

CMTrading’s system employs an intelligent approach to calculate trade volumes. It determines the margin required from the Leader and then mirrors that requirement in the Follower’s trading account. Let’s explore this with two examples:


Example 1: Imagine a Leader with an equity of $10,000 and a Follower with $1,000, both leveraging at 1:100. If the Leader decides to open 1 lot of EURUSD, requiring a margin of approximately $1,000 (equivalent to 10% of their available margin), our system replicates this trade for the Follower. However, it automatically adjusts the trade volume to match 10% of the Follower’s margin, which amounts to $100.

Example 2: In cases where there’s a disparity in leverage, our system recalibrates the Follower’s trade volume to align with the Leader’s margin percentage. For instance, consider a Leader with $10,000 equity and a Follower with $1,000 equity. The Leader operates at a leverage of 1:100, while the Follower chooses 1:400. In this scenario, the system adjusts the Follower’s trade volume based on 10% of their margin, but due to the Follower’s higher leverage of 1:400, the Follower’s trade volume will be set at 4 Lots.



Unlocking the Perks of Copy Trading 

  1. Investment Diversification

One of the most compelling benefits of copy trading is the power of diversificationWhat Is Copy Trading And How To Use It To Your Advantage?

By mirroring multiple traders who employ diverse strategies and delve into various markets, you can effectively spread your risk across a multitude of assets. This strategic move helps cushion the impact of any underperforming trader, safeguarding your investment.

  1. Accessibility and User-Friendliness

Copy trading platforms are thoughtfully designed to be user-friendly, ensuring accessibility for individuals of all trading backgrounds. This inclusivity means even newcomers can venture into the world of trading without the daunting requirement of extensive knowledge or technical prowess.-

  1. Valuable Learning Opportunities

While you’re busy copying trades, don’t forget that this journey also offers invaluable learning opportunities. Observing experienced traders, delving into their strategies, absorbing their insights, and scrutinizing their decisions grants you a front-row seat to the inner workings of the trading world. Over time, this knowledge empowers you to make more informed trading choices autonomously.

  1. Time-Efficiency

Trading can be a demanding endeavor, demanding constant market monitoring and swift decision-making. Copy trading, on the other hand, liberates you to invest passively, while adept traders execute the trades on your behalf. This time-efficient approach is particularly advantageous for individuals juggling busy schedules.

  1. The Promise of Profit

At its core, copy trading revolves around the aspiration of generating profit. When you mirror successful traders, you tap into the potential for returns on your investment. It’s crucial, however, to bear in mind that past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, and all forms of trading come with inherent risks.


Why Copy Trading is Perfect for New Traders

Let’s delve into why copy trading stands out as the ideal choice for newcomers:

  1. Accessible to All

There’s no need for years of experience or a finance degree to embark on this journey. Copy trading is your gateway, welcoming all with open arms.


  1. A Valuable Learning Experience

As you copy, you’re also learning. It’s an opportunity to absorb the wisdom of seasoned traders by simply observing their actions.


  1. Diversification:


Spread your risk across multiple traders, each with unique strategies.


4. Liberating Time-Efficiency


Trading can be time consuming. It’s perfect for those leading busy lives. You can use copykat on the go and monitor your trades on your mobile device


  1. Profit Potential Right from the Start

Start making money while gaining valuable experience in the world of trading.

With copy trading, the learning curve becomes less steep, and the pathway to potential profit is more accessible than ever for newcomers.


So, if you’re new to the trading world, remember that copy trading is your key to accessibility, learning, diversification, time-saving, and the exciting prospect of profits. It’s the perfect starting point for your trading journey.




Getting Started: A Step-by-Step Guide 


How to Utilize CMTrading’s CopyTrader Feature:


Step 1: Sign Up Visit and embark on your journey by signing up for an account. 

Step 2: Verify Your Identity Complete the necessary KYC (Know Your Customer) process to ensure compliance. 

Step 3: Deposit Funds Inject your preferred trading capital into your account, ready to put to work. 

Step 4: Explore Traders Peruse the roster of seasoned traders showcased on the platform, each with their own unique approach. 

Step 5: Select a Trader Choose a trader whose style resonates with your trading preferences and goals. 

Step 6: Allocate Funds Determine the proportion of your capital you wish to commit to mirroring the chosen trader. 

Step 7: Begin Copying Activate the ‘Copy’ button, and let automatically replicate the trader’s moves within your account. 

There you have it! You’re now on the path to potentially making savvy investments, all without navigating the steep learning curve. Just remember, trading carries inherent risks, so invest only what you can comfortably afford to lose. 


CMTrading’s Copykat empowers you to connect with trading experts and replicate their success effortlessly, all while ensuring that your trading volumes are tailored to your unique preferences and circumstances. Welcome to a world where trading becomes a journey filled with potential and prosperity.




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