Why creatives are needed in business 

Why creatives are needed in business

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art”. Andy Warhol

What do you know about business?

You are just an artist. We are not here to create the next masterpiece in painting or music.

While it may seem that the worlds of art and business are vastly different, they are more interconnected than one might imagine. Creativity plays a crucial role in the success of businesses, especially when it comes to growth.

In this article, CMTrading Partners examines the importance of creativity in business and how to take a holistic approach to tasks.

Focus on the big picture

When a company finds itself at a financial dead end, where survival seems improbable, financial analysts often focus primarily on the numbers and financial indicators. However, it is often the creative thinkers within the organisation who can see what the financial experts may overlook.

While financial analysts rely on data and historical trends, creatives can see beyond the numbers and delve into the intangible aspects of the business. They understand that success is not solely determined by financial figures but also by factors such as customer experience, brand perception, and market positioning. By taking a holistic view, creatives can uncover hidden potential within the company’s existing assets, products, or services.

Creative problem solving


Creativity also plays a crucial role in problem-solving during times of financial distress. When confronted with limited resources and mounting challenges, creative thinkers can propose out-of-the-box solutions. They might suggest exploring new markets, reimagining business models, or forging strategic partnerships that offer alternative avenues for revenue generation. CMTrading Partners offers a variety of trading programs, including a training program for aspiring traders, a simulated trading program for experienced traders, and a fully funded trading program for successful traders.

Creative individuals excel at identifying and capitalizing on emerging trends and shifts in consumer behavior. As artists, they often possess a deep understanding of the target audience and can anticipate their evolving needs and desires.

Be an artist in your work


Creativity is not limited to the realm of art alone. It encompasses the ability to think outside the box, imagine new possibilities, and approach challenges from fresh perspectives. These skills are invaluable in the business world, where adaptability and innovation are key.

At the heart of every business is a creative idea. Whether it’s a groundbreaking product, an innovative service, or a unique solution to a problem, all successful ventures begin with a spark of creativity. This initial idea sets the foundation for the entire entrepreneurial journey.

Startups, by their very nature, thrive on novelty and disruption. They aim to bring something new to the market, to disrupt existing industries, and to provide innovative solutions. Without creativity, these goals would remain elusive. It is the artists, the dreamers, and the visionaries who possess the ability to transform their ideas into tangible products and services that shape the future.

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Moreover, creativity extends beyond the initial stages of a startup. As companies grow and scale, they face new obstacles and changing landscapes. To remain competitive, they must continue to foster a culture of creativity. The best companies understand that innovation is not a one-time occurrence but a continuous process that requires ongoing creativity.

The ability to think creatively enables entrepreneurs to identify new opportunities, solve complex problems, and adapt to evolving market demands. It allows them to envision unique strategies and approaches that set them apart from their competitors. Creativity is the driving force behind successful marketing campaigns, product developments, and customer experiences.


In the realm of trading, creativity plays a significant role in identifying unique investment opportunities and developing successful trading strategies. While trading may seem like a numbers-driven and analytical field, creative thinking can provide traders with a competitive edge. Creative traders can see patterns, spot emerging trends, and make connections that others may overlook. They can devise innovative trading strategies that adapt to changing market conditions, enabling them to capitalize on lucrative opportunities.

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Artists should embrace the opportunity of trading as a supplemental source of income. By harnessing their creative qualities, they can ensure financial stability during periods of low sales or income. The notion that art doesn’t provide sustenance is often portrayed as a cliché. While it may hold some truth in certain cases, a creative mind has the potential to identify trends and mitigate risks in trading. Additionally, artists are known to possess strong intuition, which can be advantageous in navigating the complexities of the trading world.

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Living the dream of being an artist requires courage and a willingness to pursue one’s passion. However, the reality is that financial challenges are a common occurrence in the artistic journey. During periods when art sales are slow or income is limited, exploring alternative avenues, such as trading, can offer a reliable source of additional funds.

Creativity is not confined to artistic expression alone; it extends to various aspects of life, including financial endeavors. Artists can leverage their imaginative thinking and intuitive nature to excel in trading. By applying their creative perspectives to analyzing market trends, identifying patterns, and anticipating shifts in the financial landscape, they can make informed trading decisions.

So, while it may be tempting to view artists and entrepreneurs as occupying separate worlds, the reality is that they are united by their shared reliance on creativity. It is through creativity that artists create masterpieces, and it is through creativity that entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life, launch startups, and build thriving businesses.

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In the realm of trading, creativity plays a significant role in identifying unique investment opportunities and developing successful trading strategies. While trading may seem like a numbers-driven and analytical field, creative thinking can provide traders with a competitive edge. Creative traders can see patterns, spot emerging trends, and make connections that others may overlook. They can devise innovative trading strategies that adapt to changing market conditions, enabling them to capitalize on lucrative opportunities.

Moreover, creativity is instrumental in risk management within trading. Traders must think creatively to develop robust risk mitigation strategies and to adapt quickly to unexpected market fluctuations. They need to creatively analyze data, assess market sentiment, and make informed decisions under uncertainty. By thinking outside the box, traders can minimize potential losses and maximize their profits.

In addition to trading, networking is a vital aspect of the business world. Building a strong professional network is essential for entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals across various industries. Networking allows individuals to forge valuable connections, exchange ideas, and collaborate on potential business opportunities.

Creativity plays a key role in effective networking. It involves thinking creatively about how to engage with others, build meaningful relationships, and leave a lasting impression. Creative networking strategies may involve attending industry events with a unique approach, leveraging social media platforms to connect with like-minded professionals, or organizing innovative networking events that foster collaboration and idea sharing.

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Creativity also helps in developing and delivering impactful elevator pitches or presentations that grab the attention of potential investors, partners, or clients. By crafting compelling narratives and presenting information engagingly and memorably, individuals can effectively communicate their value proposition and build rapport with others.

Furthermore, creative thinking facilitates problem-solving within networking. When faced with challenges or obstacles, individuals who can think creatively are more likely to find innovative solutions. They can approach networking from different angles, adapt their communication style to different personalities, and find unconventional ways to create mutually beneficial relationships.


In summary, creativity extends its influence to the realms of trading and networking within the business world. Creative thinking allows traders to identify unique investment opportunities, develop effective trading strategies, and manage risks successfully. In networking, creativity helps individuals build meaningful connections, stand out from the crowd, and solve problems creatively. Embracing creativity in these domains can lead to enhanced success, innovation, and growth in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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