Part 3 – Getting great social referrals – Top benefits CMTrading can offer your clients

Having social influencers promote your business can raise your brand. Partnering with CMTrading will help you unlock their potential.  

Millions are pumped into Social Media Marketing each year and social platforms dominate communication strategies. One core benefit of social media is the need for advocacy and one group has benefited more than others from this need – the influencer.  

Our six-part series will guide you through steps of effective partnerships with a social influencer as well as how to grow your network. In part 3 of our ongoing series, we discuss the advantages of partnering with CMTrading and how you can entice influencers.  

Taking your brand to the next level  

If you’ve missed the first two parts of our series, don’t fret. While we still encourage you to read the previous instalments, we’ve listed the major benefits of social influencers below.  

5 great ways Social Media Influencers can help your network:   

  1. Increase reach and followers   
  1. Enhance credibility   
  1. Project financial brands as friendlier and more accessible   
  1. Reduce ad spend – people are increasingly using ad blockers!   

Partnering with the best in the business – CMTrading  

What’s the point of targeting social influencers if you lack the necessary skills to partner with them? Don’t stress, we want to ensure your success and that your brand is elevated to the next level. The better the service you’re promoting, the more likely social influencers and their followers will engage with it. As such, it’s important to partner with a reputable and trustworthy broker with a premium offering. 

Africa’s best-performing broker  

It’s important for you, and ultimately your partners, to know exactly who you’re working with; You want to make sure you’re partnering with the best. CMTrading is Africa’s largest and best-performing financial broker providing a safe, regulated avenue to the financial markets for more than 1 million clients.  

As an FSCA-regulated online broker, CMTrading takes a personal approach when it comes to building relationships with clients and business partners.  

Discovering our benefits will not only help you better communicate this to your network but will also help you in dealing with potential brand advocates on social media.  

Benefits of partnering with CMTrading 

Your success is our success and to ensure you achieve it, we have many benefits that can aid with building partnerships with social influencers.  

  1.  Best in-house support & guidance  

Starting a business is a daunting proposition and you’ll often feel overwhelmed by the information circulating online. Fortunately, we offer an account manager who can provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to getting started.  

The learning curve can be steep, but this is where CM Trading can help. Wondering if you should go after that Facebook page with millions of likes, or whether you should focus on that highly engaged YouTube channel? We’ll guide you as to how to grow your community.  

  1. The best trading tools  

A professional trader’s key requirements from a broker include quick executions of trades, low spreads and high leverage. CMTrading offers clients robust trading platforms including MetaTrader (MT4) and WebTrader, which allow them to access their account and trade the markets from any device. What’s more, we offer 0% commissions on trades.  

Even for clients who aren’t interested in investing the time to learn how to trade, the company offers the CopyKat social trading platform, which enables traders to follow more experienced traders, copy their trades, or even invest in their strategies.  

Become an Introducing Broker in 6 simple steps 

  1. Advanced marketing tools  

So, you’re keen on starting your own business as an IB but don’t have a platform to push your brand? With CMTrading you’ll have access to our advanced marketing tools which includes banners you can provide your social partners to promote. What’s more, if you don’t already own your website and aren’t technically savvy, CMTrading Partners will provide you with a personalised website for free.   

Your CMTrading-branded website can be customised to suit your business needs. We’ll even provide daily content including economic news and financial market updates.  

Below are a few more of our amazing benefits:  

• Low spreads, high leverage, 0% commission  

• Ongoing bonuses and promotions  

• Safe & secure trading environment  

• Award-winning education program  

In a nutshell 

The key to building and maintaining a network is to keep your clients happy. Therefore, as a partner, you should ensure your clients are referred to the best online broker.  

Satisfied clients, especially those active on social media, will recommend your services to others, which in turn means more leads for you.  

Refer clients, make money when they trade – Become an IB today! 

Stay tuned for more!  

This article is the third instalment in our 6-part series where we help you understand Social Media Influencers as well as the rewards of joining our platform. Our next instalment will guide you through attracting traffic and leads if you’re new to the market.  

Register and become an Introducing Broker with CMTrading  

So, you’d like to join our program but you’re not sure how? Becoming an Introducing Broker (IB) is an easy and exciting way to generate a secondary income – simply refer traders to CM Trading and let us do all the work!  

In return for referring clients to CM Trading, IB’s will receive a favourable commission. Just refer clients and start earning according to their trading volume and frequency. It’s that simple!  

Click here to get started now!  


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