Part 4 – How to generate leads using social media: Best tips for beginners

Social influencers can provide a healthy boost to your lead generation efforts, especially if you already have an excellent product or service. In this article, we’ll help you generate leads and traffic through social media. 

Partnering with social influencers can improve your brand awareness and increase your leads. However, investing in a social media strategy requires a superior product and/or service. Our six-part series is designed to guide you through the key steps of building effective partnerships with social influencers.  

How to generate traffic   

Having an excellent product/service is critical to your long-term success, however, if nobody sees it you won’t be able to grow your business. Fortunately, there are many ways to generate traffic to your affiliate website or social page.  

Below, we’ll cover the best tips to maximize your marketing efforts. 

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Content is King 

You may have already heard the saying “content is king”; this is especially true in marketing. From blogs to webinars, you’ll have to offer some form of content to grab the attention of prospective clients and social influencers.  

5 effective strategies for your content kingdom:        

  1. Blog 

Creating a blog or webpage is a fantastic way to share your thoughts and generate traffic. With a great blog, prospective clients will come to think of you as a thought leader and source of good market information. We’ll go into detail as to how to create a good blog later in this article        

  1. Infographics 

These can be bite-sized images that inform your audience of any financial updates and can even include more complex market analysis. Infographics require research and design skills to produce. Fortunately, there are various free tools and templates available to assist you.  

  1. Webinars / Market Analysis 

The demand for educational videos is extremely high, especially on social media. Hosting webinars is a fantastic way to reach an audience with a desire to learn and gain market insights. Even if you’re not a trader, you could invite guests such as social influencers. Providing market analysis is another way to stand out from the rest as your insights are not only unique, but they could also prove invaluable to others. 

  1. Quizzes 

Who doesn’t enjoy a fun quiz about topics they’re familiar with? Quizzes and polls are effective at generating engagement among your users. Regular quizzes encourage users to return to your page and share your posts.  

  1. Social posts 

Social media is the most effective way to engage with your community in real time. Posting and reposting/sharing regularly will keep your network engaged with your brand. You could push your blog, create quizzes, or just simply chat with your audience. Using social influencers will help you raise awareness in your products and services. 

Become an Introducing Broker in 6 simple steps 

Blog posts – Share your thoughts, forex news and more!     

As millions join social platforms, the need for content will exceed the supply. This presents an opportunity for an Introducing Broker to easily grab their share of potential clients.  

One proven way of generating traffic to your affiliate website is creating a blog. It provides a unique platform to share industry news, trading insights, current market trends and valuable financial information.  

This will increase your value as a trustworthy source of valuable industry information and in turn increase your traffic. Even if you’re not a trader, nothing stops you from sharing the news of others and providing your insights. You could partner with social influencers who can provide the content you need.  

5 top tips for writing a trading blog    

For those new to trading, a blog should be about adding value and starting a conversation with our audience. A well-written blog, with proper SEO techniques, can generate thousands of views to your page.  

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – There’s nothing worse than having a great piece of content go unnoticed by Google. Part of the problem could be bad SEO. The better your SEO rating, the higher your content will be ranked on Google search. Using tools and implementing good SEO practices is key to helping your audience find your content.   
  1. Keyword optimization – When creating content, you should be thinking in terms of “How can my audience find this content?”. The best way to start is by doing keyword research and/or searching Google’s most popular search terms. For example: If you’re writing a piece on becoming a trader, terms such as “how to trade”, “learn to trade” and “trading for beginners” are some of the most popular keywords for that specific article. 
  1. Define your target audience – Think about the type of audience you want to reach and create content accordingly. You could try to grab as broad an audience as possible for increased views, however, focusing on a niche will create more engagement and generate more leads.  
  1. Make sure it’s well-written – The key to any piece of content is a good structure. Eye-catching headlines, bold sub-headings, lists and images/infographics are more effective than reading a wall of text. Use a good spellchecker and headline-tester to make the most out of your content.   
  1. Refine your technique – As you gain more experience, you’ll be able to refine your technique and your target audience. Practice makes perfect; keep refining your articles and your brand will be on the first page of Google in no time!  

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Don’t miss the next part in our exciting series!  

This article is the fourth instalment in our 6-part series where we help you understand Social Media Influencers as well as the rewards of joining our platform. Our next instalment will guide you through attracting traffic and leads if you’re an experienced trader.  

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