Part 5 – How to generate leads using social media: Best tips for experienced traders

Want to attract leads? Want guidance on partnering with social influencers? Check out our guide on generating traffic and leads for experienced traders.  

Social influencers have changed the marketing landscape. Their ability to persuade and reach millions of followers can be incredibly powerful for enterprising individuals who can partner with them. They can provide a healthy boost to your lead-generation efforts. In this article, we’ll help you generate leads and traffic using social media.  

Our six-part series is designed to guide you through the key steps of building effective partnerships with social influencers and unlock your brand potential.  

How to generate traffic    

Have you ever eaten at an empty restaurant? Even if the food is of excellent quality, you can’t help but think “Where’s everybody else?”. This is also true for creating a product/service; even if what you’re offering is amazing, it’s pointless if nobody gets to experience it. Fortunately, we’re here to help you generate traffic to your affiliate website or social page.   

If you’re an experienced trader, we’ll help you maximize your marketing efforts.  

Matching experience with traffic-generators  

Whether you’re a former trader or working within the financial sector, you already have two major advantages over rivals – your experience and knowledge. Social media users seek out knowledgeable influencers with those same qualities. Your experience enables you to guide others and share unique perspectives on the trading world. Your biggest asset is matching your expertise with a reputable and trustworthy platform such as CMTrading.   

Become an Introducing Broker in 6 simple steps  

Three incredibly useful traffic generators are trading education, hosting webinars and forex contests:  

  1. Trading education  

The need for education is immense; millions of people are seeking knowledge from credible sources to begin trading. Using trading to generate a secondary source of income is incredibly attractive. Offering training and education can be a great way to boost traffic to your platform.  

Trading courses offer a structured way to learn online. By offering these kinds of courses you’ll be tapping into a market that covers millions of knowledge-seeking individuals. For users, it’s a great opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of more experienced traders.  

Your clients can learn how to trade and therefore, stay longer with your business. At CMTrading, we offer a variety of educational tools to guide our customers along their trading journey.  

  1. Hosting webinars  

Another great way to boost traffic is to host webinars. Tapping into your own experience gives you the ability to speak on specific topics. From forex trends to market news, you can discuss and share your expertise on several topics. Given time, you’ll reach many followers and eventually, you’ll be seen as an authority and valuable source of information. Your experience will also enable you to network with others and have guest lecturers. These types of online videos are incredibly popular and generate a lot of organic traffic. This will give your product/service the extra boost it needs to grow.   

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  1. Forex contests  

Hosting contests are a proven way of increasing your community, engagement & lead nurturing. There’s nothing as satisfying as knowing your skill outclasses that of your peers. Hosting these kinds of events is not only fun but also validates your clients’ efforts. At CMTrading, we are always offering new promotions for our partners to extend to their network and keep their traders engaged and trading while also enjoying incredible rewardes. 

Don’t miss the next part of our exciting series!   

This article is the fifth instalment in our 6-part series where we help you understand Social Media Influencers as well as the rewards of our partner program. Our final instalment will recap all the highlights of our epic series.  

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