Networking – your key to business success  

It cannot be overstated just how devastating the 2020 pandemic was, and in many cases continues to be, on the world. No aspect was left untouched, especially the global economy.   

From remote work to empty offices, many aspects of traditional business models have been forever changed.  

One of these is the importance of networking and partnerships. The ability to refer others to businesses has led to hundreds of thousands becoming network-referrers and earning a living building social relationships.   

Today, we look at how important networking and referrals have become for companies in 2022.  

A stable stream of income  

Financial markets are a gateway to profits for traders and investors. Regardless of which way the markets move, millions are being made each day.  

What’s more, thousands are creating a name for themselves and earning a stable income stream simply by referring others to award-winning trading platforms, such as CMTrading.  

We’ll not help you take your first steps toward financial freedom, but we’ll also help you achieve it.  

Grab your financial freedom  

Even if you’re not familiar with the financial markets you can still benefit from the global economy by simply starting an Introducing Business (IB) and partnering with CMTrading.      

At CMTrading Partners, our mission is to uplift and help those seeking an alternative income stream by giving them the skills and the platform to build and grow a successful business. More on this later in the article…   


Networking – changing the way we do business  

 Whether it’s a massive tech company or a humble start-up bakery, regardless of the type of business, a percentage of leads, referrals, and other businesses are derived from networking.   

This is especially important for small business owners, as no matter the sector or industry, a significant amount of business isn’t from marketing and advertising but from strong relationships that make up your personal and professional network., the world’s Largest referral networking organization, reports that many companies are generating the majority of their business through networking.  

A BNI survey, comprising 4000 business participants, revealed that more than 73% of companies are getting most of their business from “networking and referrals.” This marks a major change in how we conduct business today.  

Even more remarkable is the fact that 87% of respondents had never taken a college course covering networking. We take it for granted just how important the ability to forge relationships can be especially with the reach of social media.  

You’ll find that the most successful business has a strong professional and social network. The need for networking creates an opportunity for savvy individuals capable of connecting clients with service providers.  

 Become an IB in 3 simple steps:        

  1. Sign up        

     Complete our fast and secure application form.        

  1. Refer        

     Receive your unique tracking link to get started.        

  1. Earn        

     Track your referrals in real-time and begin earning rebates.       


How does it work?     

Becoming an IB is an easy and exciting way to increase your income, as there’s no cost to sign up. As an IB you can work from anywhere, anytime, and promote us in any way you want.     

We provide very competitive commission plans for client referrals. Our partner portal tracks client activity, onboarding, and revenue generation in real time. When you get started, you receive access to all our reporting tools and statistics, and all commissions are automatically paid on each closed trade.    

You benefit from an unlimited number of referral campaigns, and you immediately get access to our marketing tools, completely customized for your target audience.    

What’s in it for you     

Take advantage of our exclusive conditions     

  • Unlimited number of referral campaigns     
  • Partner with an award-winning broker    
  • Great rates and commissions    
  • Full marketing support    
  • Dedicated Account Manager   
  • And much more…     

Become your own boss  

Building connections that matter  

If you’re able to connect with others online and build lasting relationships, you’ll be able to take your business to the next level. It’s all about raising your influence through mutually beneficial relationships.  

Many businesses can’t fully leverage their network for growth. Social media and networking are often an afterthought and not built into their business model. This is more reason to consider starting your own referral business, being able to build important relationships and establish referral exchanges.  

It comes down to influence and confidence within your network; if those within your network view you as a trusted individual/brand, they will more likely convert into leads and organically spread the word about your business.  

So, how can you establish confidence within your network?  

Be social and connect  

In the past, business networking typically occurred at industry events, where professionals could connect and share ideas with others. With the advent of social media and webinars, you can find similar opportunities to connect with others online.   

Whether it’s prospective clients or perhaps other networkers, by maintaining positive relationships with these individuals, you can grow your brand and ultimately, your revenue.  

  Top ways to network:  

 1 Attend trade events   

From business seminars to trade workshops, entrepreneurs from all over the world gather to grow their networks and seek opportunities. Conversing with attendees will help you expand your contacts. What’s more, you can gain valuable advice and skills.    

2 Join a social network   

 Social media has become the go-to space for networking and opportunities. As a result, many companies such as Linked-In and BNI have pivoted their business to push networking through social networks. There are many avenues for you to tap into both on and offline for referrals and business development.    

3 Create a social profile for networking  

Certain platforms such as Telegram and Facebook allow professionals to grow a network through online engagement. From posting articles to podcasts, daily videos, and digital content, there are many ways you can grow your follower base. You could even request to be “friends” with an industry leader and in return gain access to their followers.  

Register and start an Introducing Business (IB) with CMTrading              

Becoming an IB is an easy and exciting way to earn money – simply refer traders to CMTrading and let us do all the work! In return for referring clients to CMTrading, our IBs will receive a favorable commission.    

So go ahead, start referring clients and earn money when they trade. It’s that simple!   


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