Unlock your full potential: Invest in yourself  

The rise in freelancers and work-from-home opportunities shows that there are opportunities out there for creative individuals who invest in their skills. There’s no better gateway to opportunity and profits than the financial markets.  

The global economy is constantly evolving, and millions of new traders are grabbing their chance to achieve high profitability and financial freedom.  

But what if you’re not a trader ? The good news is even if you’re not familiar with the financial markets you can still benefit from the global economy by simply starting an Introducing Business (IB) and partnering with CMTrading.     

At CMTrading Partners, our mission is to uplift and help those seeking an alternative income stream by giving them the skills and the platform to build and grow a successful business. More on this later in the article…  



Millions of new traders around the world     

The 2020 pandemic saw the world gripped by lockdowns, economic shutdowns, and a halt to many businesses. Yet, many individuals have used their time wisely by upskilling themselves and seeking new opportunities.  

The truth is rather simple – your traditional, office 9-to-5 job isn’t as secure as it used to be. Seeking alternative revenue streams is not only viable it could replace your current pay-earning job entirely.   

One sector that has seen a huge boom in the last 3 years is online trading; It is estimated that there are more than 10 million active online traders in the world, reports Statista. In 2019, the number of average trades per day was 1380 yet by 2021 this has increased to 3905. The global online trading market is expected to increase to an estimated $12.16 billion by 2028.  

The reason for this? Improved technology and online training have made investing easier, cheaper, and more efficient. People from all walks of life are investing in themselves by learning and understanding the fundamentals of trading.   

3 effective ways to invest in yourself  

There’s no reason you can’t tap into this market especially if you’re good at networking. Make 2022 the year you invest in yourself and unlock your true potential. How will you achieve this? By following our list of ways to improve and joining CMTrading partners.  

1 Start your own business  

We know what you’re thinking: “Starting a business is hard and costs a lot of money” – this couldn’t be further from the truth. By becoming an IB you’re able to monetize your biggest selling point – yourself. We’ll guide you through the steps and resources you need to become your own boss.  

2 Build Your Communication Skills  

One of the most important sought-after yet overlooked skills in this digital era is good communication. Regardless of your profession, how you communicate can make or break a business. Invest in yourself by improving your ability to communicate, whether in-person/via video or email, text, or instant messaging. This will not only help you in every aspect of your life but as an IB it will it that much easier to attract new clients.  

3 Take the Opportunity to Network  

Networking isn’t sometimes negatively viewed online because it’s often transactional. Instead, networking should be based on creating a relationship of mutual benefit. Developing a relationship through networking over time can translate into future business and professional opportunities. Building your professional network should be a priority and is a great way to not only invest in yourself but increase your opportunities.  

Become an IB in 3 simple steps:       

  1. Sign up       

      Complete our fast and secure application form.       

  1. Refer       

      Receive your unique tracking link to get started.       

  1. Earn       

      Track your referrals in real-time and begin earning rebates.      


How does it work?    

Becoming an IB is an easy and exciting way to increase your income, as there’s no cost to sign up. As an IB you can work from anywhere, anytime, and promote us in any way you want.    

We provide very competitive commission plans for client referrals. Our partner portal tracks client activity, onboarding, and revenue generation in real time. When you get started, you receive access to all our reporting tools and statistics, and all commissions are automatically paid on each closed trade.   

You benefit from an unlimited number of referral campaigns, and you immediately get access to our marketing tools, completely customized for your target audience.   

What’s in it for you    

Take advantage of our exclusive conditions    

  • Unlimited number of referral campaigns    
  • Partner with an award-winning broker   
  • Great rates and commissions   
  • Full marketing support   
  • Dedicated Account Manager  
  • And much more…    

Become your own boss  

Achieve financial freedom 

Is it worth becoming an IB? Why choose CMTrading Partners? Charlie Charalambous, CMTrading’s Head of Global IBs, answers these questions and more below: 1. How is upskilling yourself beneficial?  

Charalambous said: “Upskilling means learning a new skill and as the saying goes ‘you should always sharpen the mind’. Otherwise, you’re going backward. Learning new skills is something you should constantly be doing. The biggest and best minds on the planet are continually learning and educating themselves. There’s no better way to invest in yourself than by upskilling.”   

Q With the economy as it is, surely it’s risky to start your own business?  

Charalambous said: “Is it risky to start your own business today? In short, no. Anytime is a good time to start your own business because you control your outcome rather than someone else controlling your outcome. It’s the only way to live – running your own business gives you financial freedom.”  

Q: I have a family and/or job – how will the IB program benefit me?  

Charalambous said: “Financial independence and passive income are two of the biggest reasons to join our program. You could probably earn more from the IB program than you can from a normal office job.”  

Q: How does CMTrading Partner program work? How will you help me?  

Charalambous said: “You’re commercializing your social network. So, therefore, every time you get someone to register and deposit with us, we share the revenues created from that. Therefore, you can earn a continuous and never-ending flow of income based on the people that you refer to. The more you refer, the more they trade, and the more you make. This is a mutually beneficial relationship – we want you to succeed.  

Q: What makes CMTrading different from other platforms?  

Charalambous said: “Our IBs are fortunate because they build a real relationship with me. I’m incredibly ambitious. That makes me ambitious to get them to perform and get the best out of them. I will do everything it takes to get them to achieve their financial freedom. It’s all about building the right relationship with the right people.”  

Q: Advice for anyone on the fence about being an IB?  

Charalambous said: “Ask yourself this simple question – do you want to be financially independent or would you rather work for someone else for the rest of your life? We’re offering you the opportunity to start your own business and partner with an award-winning broker.”   

Register and start an Introducing Business (IB) with CMTrading             

Becoming an IB is an easy and exciting way to earn money – simply refer traders to CMTrading and let us do all the work! In return for referring clients to CMTrading, our IBs will receive a favorable commission.   

So go ahead, start referring clients and earn money when they trade. It’s that simple!  


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