Untapped potential: Your business could be so much more with a great partnership! 

Untapped potential: Your business could be so much more with a great partnership!  

“Adapt or Die” – never has this fundamental business strategy been more applicable than in today’s uncertain economy. From Apple’s iPhone to Uber Eats, for any business to succeed, it also must be able to adapt to ever-changing consumer demands.  

As we’ve seen during the pandemic, failure to do so, sadly, leads to poor performance and, worse, the closure of a business.   

For those who manage to adapt, however, they’ll not only survive a changing environment but ultimately thrive. This principle can also be applied to the world of trading and one way to overcome the change is to partner with a reputable broker. But what if you’re not a trader?  

Fortunately, even if you do not have a background in the financial industry or are running a business that is looking to provide add-on services, starting an Introducing Business (IB) is an exciting way to grab your financial freedom and earn additional income.   

Today, we’ll discuss the importance of business partnerships. What’s more, we’ll reveal an exciting opportunity to earn additional income later in this article.  

Partnerships – The new normal  

If the last few years of the pandemic have taught us anything, it’s that we’re living in uncertain times and traditional sources of income aren’t as secure as they used to be. While the adverse conditions have pressured many companies into forever shutting their doors, those same conditions present opportunities for entrepreneurs and start-ups to thrive.  

Two key changes we’ve seen are the staggering rise in the number of freelances, startups, and entrepreneurs. The reason for this is simple – overseeing your financial freedom is the new normal.  

One way of achieving success is through a great partnership. Whether you’re starting your own business or looking for opportunities to grow, having a great synergy between your brand and another is a fantastic way to achieve success.   

Exciting opportunity for you  

Our IB program can provide an additional revenue stream for your business through our trading platform; you will earn commission through the referrals as well as their trades.  

Event in Dubai   

We are inviting all financial-industry professionals to an exclusive event in Dubai. This is your opportunity to network with others, seek opportunities, and grow your business.   

When: June 16 at 7:30 PM,  

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Here are some of the benefits of a partnership.  

 1. Bridging the knowledge gap  

So, you’d like to grow your business via social media, but you lack the expertise? By partnering with a company with expertise in generating a social following, you’ll bridge your knowledge gap and grow your brand. A good partner can also bring knowledge and experience you may be lacking or provide complementary skills to your current business.  

2. Cost savings, more growth  

Having a partner means you can share any financial burdens that may come up. This means substantial savings and more resources.  

3. Better opportunities   

Having a partner not only makes you more productive but it will ease some of the stress of running a business. This means you’ll be more flexible and can pursue additional business opportunities.  

4. Support when you need   

Starting a business can be a daunting prospect but having a partner means you won’t have to carry the burden alone. Often you will need guidance or just require someone to bounce ideas off, this is where a good synergy can lift both partners to new heights.  

5. New perspective  

It’s easy to have blind spots about the way you conduct your business and have preconceived notions about starting one. For example – some might believe you require a huge amount of capital to start a venture. This is not true when becoming an IB, which has zero upfront costs. A business partner can change the way you think and open your eyes to new opportunities.  

Earning a long-term, stable income    

Is it worth becoming an IB? Do people want to become traders? Charlie Charalambous, CMTrading’s Head of Global IBs, answers these questions and more below:      

In stock trading it’s advisable to diversify your portfolio – can this same approach be used in business?  

“You can generate more than one source of income. The more you have the better. Our IB program allows you to achieve this. What makes a great partnership is trust between the partners with a common aligned goal.”  

“If you look at a variety of different businesses, they appear to be offering a certain product yet make more money from add-on services that may not be their core business. For example – a shoe seller might make more money from selling cleaning products and shoe polish than the actual shoes themselves.   

You’re having an event in Dubai, tell us more about it.  

“Ultimately, the more sources of income you have, the better. This event will allow you to own your financial freedom. So, come along, get to know us, and experience what we have to offer.”  

Register and become an Introducing Business (IB) with CMTrading           

Becoming an IB is an easy and exciting way to earn money – simply refer traders to CMTrading and let us do all the work. In return, our IBs will receive a favorable commission!  

So go ahead, start referring clients and earn money when they trade. It’s that simple! 


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