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Part 1: The rise of the Social Influencer – Your ticket to marketing success

The world of social media is changing and given rise to influencers. Grow your network by unleashing the potential of social influences in this 6-part series.

Social Media has changed the marketing and business landscape; in 2020 there were 3.96 billion people actively using social media globally compared to 2.07 billion users in 2015. That’s an overall increase of more than 90% in just five years. As millions join social platforms, the rise and power of social influencers has become critical to any marketing strategy.

Whether you have your own social network or want to learn more about social influencers, our 6-part series will help you understand and make use of social-media influencing.

What are social influencers?

As billions interact on social platforms, they will inevitably seek out those with large social followings to help guide them with their decision making.

From the Kardashians to first-time product-reviewers, influencers in social media are people who have managed to build a reputation for their knowledge and expertise. A simple misconception is that you don’t have to be a celebrity to be a social influencer, you only need regular posts and a large following of engaged people to become one.

Why is this important for you? Well, brands love social media influencers because they can create trends and more importantly, encourage their followers to purchase/use/push products they promote.

3 reasons why you need social media influencers:

40% of millennials relate to social media influencers more than traditional celebrities

The age of using famous actor/actresses to promote a brand is changing. Many users, especially 25-year-olds and younger, turn to platforms such as YouTube and Instagram as their entertainment-medium of choice. This has given those without Hollywood status the ability to generate the same if not more social following that traditional celebs.

60% of social media users say they follow advice from their favourite content creators rather than celeb endorsements.

This is a game-changer for marketers as usually; you’d have to cough up millions to have a prominent celeb push your product. Most influencers are willing to talk about your product in exchange for payment or services (re-links, mentions etc.). This creates a huge opportunity for anyone wanting to grow their brand.

The top 25 YouTubers receive 3x as many views and 12x as many comments than videos owned by traditional celebs

The 2020 pandemic saw a major shift in entertainment consumption towards streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube. Top YouTube streamers can achieve incredible engagement, reach and views, well within the millions. Even more alarming is the fact that many YouTube personalities outperform traditional videos posted by celebs.

The power of an influencer

At their core, a good influencer has two primary skills you can leverage:

Potential to influence others

These individuals have the power to affect the decisions of others due to their expertise (e.g. professional trader), position (e.g. head of a company) or relationship with their audience. Followers place a huge cache in channels/personalities they follow and are more willing to follow trends and products featured by their favourite streamer.

Large, active following

It comes as no surprise, but the bigger your following, the more people you can reach. The defining factor, however, is how engaged this audience is. Some of the world’s top influencers not only have persuasive personalities but actively engaged followers.

Best channels for influencers

So, now that you have a basic understanding of social influencers, where can you find them? First, we need to understand what the best social platforms for marketing are. According to a Mediakix Influencer Marketing Survey, social influencers thrive on five primary channels.

Top 5 most important social media channels:






Unsurprisingly, Instagram leads the way for strategic social marketing as it’s the perfect combination of great visuals and easy to digest content. Second is YouTube for its variety of video posts and suggestions, followed by the original social platform – Facebook.

In fourth place is Twitter which has become a great spot for B2B for its immediacy. And finally, there’s TikTok, the social-media phenomenon that has taken youngsters by storm and has proven incredibly popular for social influencers.

Grow your network

While it’s easy for these individuals as merely marketing tools, you’re not making the most of their audience. The best marketers make use of the social relationship influencers have with their audience and can collaborate to achieve marketing objectives (i.e grow your network).

Become an Introducing Broker in 6 simple steps

6-part social influencer series

Networking is the key to business success yet it’s much more than a simply charming potential client. It’s about building relationships. A great way to build a robust client network is to partner with others and leverage off their existing networks.

Some of the topics covered in this series:

Micro and macro-influencers

How to generate leads from social networking?

Benefits of partnering with CMTrading

How to attract Forex traffic

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Stay tuned for more

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read, stay tuned for more! This article is the first in a 6-part series where we’ll help you understand Social Media Influencers as well as the rewards of joining our platform. In part two, we’ll look at Macro and Micro-influencers.

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