Trading or not trading? That is no longer a question 

Trading dynamics


Have you ever thought of how many trades are executed daily? The trading industry is a multibillion-dollar industry. You might also have heard that CFDs are complex instruments with high risk. However, high risk brings fast returns. That’s why experts keep pointing out the importance of managing your risk. Why would you trade if it’s high risk? Well, why not? Not trading is definitely losing. Do you know any other legitimate way to make money fast with the smallest capital and immediate returns? It is legal, easily accessible, and can be undertaken by somebody who makes the bare minimum to survive or billions. 


 If you live paycheck to paycheck, you will constantly have very little capital to invest, making it really challenging to set up a whole business. On the other hand, if you take a long-term approach to investing, you will see returns in years. We are talking about bonds. If you are financially comfortable, yes, a long-term approach is safe and does guarantee results. Indeed! But if you are not? What if you are deprived of little pleasures? Life should not be just for paying the bills. 


Here are some real profit trading examples from CMTrading: 

Example 1: Oil Trading 

  • Trade: Long position on oil (USD/JPY) 
  • Date: Thursday, 23 November 2023 
  • Reason: OPEC meeting postponed by a week, potentially leading to further production cuts and higher oil prices 
  • Profit: $601 from 1 trade in 1 day 

Example 2: USD Trading 

  • Trade: Long position on USD (EUR/USD) 
  • Date: Wednesday, 22 November 2023 
  • Reason: Lower-than-expected unemployment claims data in the USA strengthens the USD 
  • Profit: $1484 from 1 trade over 6 days 

Example 3: Palladium and Platinum Trading 

  • Trade: Long position on palladium and platinum 
  • Date: November 2023 
  • Reason: Recovery in the Chinese economy boosts demand for palladium and platinum, key components in the manufacturing of exhausts and catalytic converters 
  • Profit: $1243 from 1 trade over 7 days 



  1. Trade 1: This trade was based on the news that the OPEC meeting had been postponed by a week. This was seen as a positive development for oil prices, as it suggested that OPEC was likely to agree to further production cuts. The trader made a long position on oil (USD/JPY) and was able to profit from the subsequent rise in oil prices. 
  1. Trade 2: This trade was based on the release of lower-than-expected unemployment claims data in the USA. This data was seen as a sign that the US economy was strengthening, which would likely lead to higher interest rates. The trader made a long position on USD (EUR/USD) and was able to profit from the subsequent rise in the US dollar. 
  1. Trade 3: This trade was based on the news that the Chinese economy was recovering. This was seen as a positive development for palladium and platinum prices, as China is the world’s largest manufacturer of cars. The trader made a long position on palladium and platinum and was able to profit from the subsequent rise in prices. 



Participating in trading 


Based on the real data provided, are you going to pass? Remember, you can always participate in this vast, dynamic, and multibillion-dollar industry, not just as a trader but also as an introducing business partner. Why not refer traders to CMTrading? A fully licensed and regulated broker, CMTrading promises fully safe and transparent transactions. As an IB, your role is to inspire and educate your potential clients, future traders, and show them how, with minimal capital, they can start profiting. Organize events, give speeches, and make sure you build a network. While it’s ideal to trade yourself to understand the products and CFD trading well, it’s not compulsory. 


Partnership Benefits: 


Discover a world of partnership benefits with CMTrading that goes beyond the ordinary! Unlock unlimited referral campaigns, enjoy full-throttle marketing support, and bask in great commissions that fuel your success. But that’s not all – CMTrading is not your average broker. In a realm where automated responses reign supreme, CMTrading stands out by prioritizing a human-centered approach. Say goodbye to impersonal interactions; embrace genuine, human support that not only comprehends the complexities of trading but also responds to your individual needs. Join us, where partnership means limitless possibilities and a personal touch that sets us apart! 


Interactive Webinars:  


Join a transformative journey with our dynamic interactive webinars. These sessions serve as a gateway for IBs seeking to elevate their services, offering a unique opportunity to provide traders with interactive educational access to real-world trading scenarios. Immerse yourself in these webinars, where the focus is not only on refining your own understanding of the market but also on equipping you with the tools to enhance the trading experience for your clients. It’s a platform designed exclusively for Introducing Partners, ensuring you stay at the forefront of industry insights and elevate your role in guiding traders to success. 


Your Voyage Begins Now   

Embark on this remarkable journey with us. CMTrading’Introducing Business (IB) program is more than a partnership; it’s a gateway to financial empowerment. It’s time to sculpt your destiny, one referral at a time.  

Seize the opportunity 

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