How to tap into the power of referrals

How to tap into the power of referrals

Trust is the cornerstone of any business. It’s a commodity you can’t buy, it’s something that is gained and built through transparency and communication. Nothing builds trust faster than recommendations from a reliable and trusted connection.

In this article, we’ll look at the power of business referrals and how this sector is changing the way companies connect with consumers. What’s more, we’ll reveal just how easy it is to earn a stable income by starting an Introducing Business with CMTrading Partners. Stay tuned!

What are business referrals?

Every business owner wants to see their business grow and build a loyal customer base. But how do you attract customers when traditional marketing isn’t cutting it? This is where referral marketing takes centre stage.

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A business referral is when someone in your network recommends your business or opportunity. A good business referrer will ensure that this happens most organically (i.e., direct conversation) and is part of a conscious referral marketing strategy.

Why is this method more effective than traditional advertising? You only have to think about your browsing/shopping habits – a recommendation from a trusted friend or source has far more persuasive power than a company/brand you’re not familiar with.

How effective are business referrals?

90% – People are more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a friend

84% – Number of B2B decision-makers that start a purchasing process with a referral

70% – The percentage that brand advocates/referrers influence a purchase

Source – Viral Loops

More stats:

55% of B2Bs with referral programs believe that their sales efforts are “highly effective,” compared to 35% of companies without referral programs.

86% of B2B companies with a referral program experience growth.

Referred customers have a 59% higher lifetime value.

Source: Influitive

According to Adweek, there are 3.3 billion brand mentions in 2.4 billion brand-related conversations every day in the USA. With billions active on social media, there’s a lot of potentials to grab an audience.

According to a report by Heinz/Influitive, companies with referral programs report 71% higher conversion rates. Good referrals are a win-win since they are derived from a trusted source which is the foundation of any successful business transaction.

Business referrers can tap into networks and establish trust with potential customers. This trust can generate leads, result in longer retention rates, and a huge reduction in acquisition expenses.

5 Top Ways To Ask For A Referral

1. Social media

Social media is fast becoming the default platform for e-Commerce and business referrals. From Facebook marketplace to Twitter promotions, it’s easy to see why companies and consumers are moving to social media to conduct transactions.

2. Direct communication or in person

Nothing beats human interaction. Communicating directly with potential clients through social media, video calls, or hosting webinars is a great way to spread the brand’s message. If you can host in-person meetings, doing so will greatly enhance your capabilities to connect.

3. Email referrals

Often, even loyal customers aren’t even aware of a referral program. An effective email campaign can be a great way to attract new and existing users.

4. Surveys and customer satisfaction campaigns

Without data, you’re flying blind. Polls, questionnaires, and surveys are a great way to tap into your audience’ wants and needs. Integrating a question on their likeliness to refer your services can generate valuable feedback.

5. Service agreement

This step is often missed but can be crucial – integrate a section on referrals into your initial service agreement. This ensures your clients know about your program and you can follow up with all your clients about potential referrals.

Earn a steady stream of income

The financial markets are worth trillions of dollars and are a gateway to huge profits for traders, companies, and investors. Millions of people are seeking alternative income streams and are exploring the fast-paced world of online trading.

But what if you’re not a trader? Don’t stress, there’s still a way you can earn an income from the financial markets by starting an Introduction Business. Having the ability to refer others to businesses has led to hundreds of thousands becoming network referrers and earning a living building social relationships.

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