Part 3 – Network Marketer or Social Media Influencer – What type of IB are you?

From Network Marketer skilled at reaching others to Social Media Influencer great at swaying the opinions of others, we’ll help you identify your skillset and discover what type of Introducing Broker you are!

Whether you’re a former trader or a novice in the financial markets, the world of trading can still prove highly lucrative provided you’re good at networking.

In the previous instalment of our 6-part series, we revealed the benefits of being an Introducing Broker. In this article, we’ll help you understand your unique skills and help you discover what type of IB you are.

Network, network, network

Being an IB is a great way to generate a secondary income stream. In short, you connect with clients and ultimately refer them to CM Trading. You’ll earn a commission based on the number of clients you refer; the more you refer, the more you earn.

When it comes to starting your own referral business, it is important to first determine what kind of partner you are and how you can leverage your networks and skills to generate more leads.

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5 types of Introducers

Being a successful Introducer means that you’re someone who can build a large network of clients which you can refer to CM Trading and constantly expand on your network. You’re able to create meaningful relationships with others to earn trust and grow your network.

However, everyone has a Unique Selling Point (USP); the skillset and qualities that set you apart from the competition. A critical first step in becoming an Introducer is identifying what your USP is and how best to utilize it.

It’s important to note that even if you have a cursory knowledge of trading, you can still build a successful business by signing up as an Introducer with CM Trading Partners.

Below we list 5 different approaches you can take as an Introducer.

Network Marketer

If you’re a social butterfly, being a network marketer is more your style; you are extremely social and great at meeting new people. You’re ultimately capable of referring clients to CM Trading.

Forex Educator/ Trainer

You provide traders and investors with financial training courses to develop their trading strategy. You do this by hosting webinars and workshops with the help of CM Trading.

Social Media Influencer / Blogger

You can sway others to follow you through social medial. If you have no idea how to trade but love creating content online, this type of influencer could be you. You’re able to refer clients via social media to CM Trading.

Signal Provider

For experienced traders – you have a talent for developing effective trading strategies and signals. If you have a large number of traders or investors already following your trades, then this type of approach could prove highly lucrative by referring your followers to CM Trading.

Wealth Manager

For financial managers or those with experience in managing funds. You work with your clients to grow and preserve their wealth over the long term. You’re constantly looking for new channels to diversify their portfolios and refer them to CM Trading to grow their wealth.

Know your client

Much like figuring out which type of Introducer you’ll be, it’s likewise important to realize that every client is different. Figuring out which type of trader to attract is critical to your success.

Below are the 3 primary types of traders:

The novice

With minimal experience, the beginner trader has only just begun their journey in online trading. They might be keen on trading but could be overwhelmed by the huge volume of information available. He or she might not know how to begin, which platform to use or which strategies to implement.

A novice requires a comprehensive and step-by-step guide to get started. They’ll require constant communication with an account manager as well as training. CM Trading has all of these tools and more to assist novice traders on their journey.

The professional

Unlike the beginner trader, the professional is already familiar with trading and doesn’t require as much guidance. What’s critical for the professional is fast order execution; the client needs to be able to get in and out of a trade quickly when price movements occur. A professional requires access to various news and information sources and as a result, needs a broker that releases constant market updates and trading signals.

The professional trader’s biggest needs when it comes to selecting a broker are order execution, spreads, commissions and leverage. CM Trading offers world-class trading tools, great pricing through tight spreads and high leverage as well as real-time signal updates.

The Copytrader/investor

Copytraders are those that merely want to invest in the financial markets, but leave the actual trading to the pros.

The primary challenge for a Copytrader is finding a broker that he/she can trust with their investment. They value transparency and security more than most. CM Trading offers its own CopyKat trading platform that’s designed to provide a feature-rich, safe and transparent copytrading experience.

Stay tuned for more

This article is the third in a 6-part series where we’ll help you understand what it’s like to be an Introducing Broker and the rewards of joining our platform. Our next instalment will help you present the many benefits of CM Trading Partner program to your clients.

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