Top 5 social media platforms to grow your business  

Top 5 social media platforms to grow your business  

Top 5 social media platforms to grow your business  


TikTok, Meta (Facebook), Instagram… there are approximately 4.76 billion social media users around the world in 2023; this equates to nearly 60% of the total global population!  

Incredibly, this figure is expected to grow to 6 billion by 2027, reports Social media creates an incredible opportunity for businesses to tap into and grow their brand.  


How to start your own business in 2023     

When used properly, social media is an invaluable tool for brand communication and marketing. Social media is an invaluable tool for brand communication and marketing when used properly. company.  

With so many social platforms out there, how do you know which one to use? Should you use all of them? Do the same strategies that work on Twitter apply to TikTok?   

In the second part of our social media guide, we’ll help answer these questions and more. What’s more, CMTrading partners have an incredible opportunity for anyone wanting to achieve financial freedom by becoming a business referrer.      

Part 2 – Telegram, Snapchat, and more!  

In the first part of our guide, we highlighted some of the biggest social media platforms in 2023 and shared valuable insights.   

Your guide to social media 2023  


In this article, we’ll showcase more of the top social media platforms and how to get the most out of them.   

Biggest social media platforms 2023: Monthly average users   

  1. Facebook (Meta) 3 billion  
  2. YouTube 2.6 billion  
  3. Instagram 1.2 billion   
  4. TikTok 1 billion  
  5. LinkedIn 810 million  
  6. Telegram 500 million  
  7. Snapchat 494 million  
  8. Pinterest 433 million  
  9. Reddit 430 million  
  10. Twitter 345 million  

How to find a successful business partner 


Making connections  

It’s easy to think that you should be on EVERY social media platform out there, but the truth is the best companies invest time and resources to master their voice on a select few sites. What works on Twitter doesn’t work on Instagram and vice-versa.  

Each platform requires a specific strategy to implement and perfect. Fundamentally, you should always remember that social media allows you to engage with your audience, gain customer feedback, and ultimately elevate your brand.  

Below is our guide to using top social media platforms in 2023:    



Telegram, one of the fastest-growing platforms, has a huge audience of more than 500 million users in 2023. Telegram touts itself as a WhatsApp rival, being one of the best-encrypted messaging applications available. What’s more, it provides cross-platform, cloud-based messaging with no advertisements. It allows you to set up private Chats with self-deleting messages, providing users with a huge degree of anonymity.   


 Content strategy    


Telegram and WhatsApp share many similarities though Telegram focuses on seamless synchronization; it will allow users to access chats from multiple devices at once.  

It’s a great way to communicate with customers and provide customer support 24/7. You will be able to keep conversations going and understand exactly how customers are engaging with the business. You can also set up a Telegram Chatbot to assist with communication. Using Telegram as a messaging platform that can help your business to offer personalized customer support.   



One of the most unique video platforms out there, Snapchat maintains nearly half-a-billion users in 2023. It’s an incredibly impressive figure considering huge rivals with similar offerings such as Instagram and TikTok. Snapchat users share life “updates” and post images and video messages that have a 24-hour life cycle before they disappear.  

Content strategy    


Video-driven storytelling is the core of the platform. Creating compelling short-form video that amuses or educates a younger audience has the best chance of attracting users.    

Snapchat should be part of your marketing plan if you plan on reaching a teenage and/or young adult audience.  



Pinterest is the default image-sharing social service. Users can organize their collective information and save it on their “pinboards”. The platform acts as a bookmarking tool for saving ideas and finding creative inspiration online. From DIY home projects, and recipes to brand marketing, the platform is a crucial part of the product discovery journey for many customers.  

 Content strategy    


Vertical images are the standard on Pinterest considering its predominantly mobile user base. Crips visuals and engaging infographics generally perform the best. Align your content with common keywords and popular search terms and you’ll soon gain followers. Unique lists and inspiring quotes should play a major role in your Pinterest strategy – i.e Share lifestyle and finance tips.  


There’s a reason Reddit is considered the “face of the internet” as it’s a community-driven content aggregator with more than 430 million monthly users. Users post content on every topic and trend imaginable which is then either “down or upvoted” by other users. Reddit is incredibly popular as it’s a primarily social news site driven by User-Generated content (UGC). 

Content strategy    


Reddit is the ninth most-visited website in the USA and remains largely untapped by marketers. This is because the community is incredibly active and isn’t shy about removing and outright banning promotional material. This means, to engage with this community you have to become part of it. Posting useful, relevant content and providing sincere advice and insights will build your reputation. You want to become an authoritative, trusted source of quality products or services. 


Twitter is one of the most unique social experiences as it combines many different forms of discourse into one fast-paced platform. From voicing political views to spreading the news about a brand, the popularity of this social media site remains high among tech-savvy users. It can be incredibly useful for B2B verticals related to business, marketing, and politics. The platform has however undergone radical changes since Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, acquired the social media giant in 2022. One of the major changes has been towards a subscription to be verified (e.g. blue tick) on the platform.  

Content strategy    


Twitter remains a fantastic site to communicate breaking news, offers, and bite-sized content, and to communicate directly with an audience in real-time. Posting regular videos and images continue to remain a staple on the platform, however, a well-timed or especially viral tweet works wonders.   

Consider following trending topics and intelligently responding. Experiment with a range of different content including educational videos, polls, and discussion threads. 


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