CMTrading Partners – Your award-winning business partner

CMTrading Partners – Your award-winning business partner

“The greatest award is the appreciation of the people.” – Gopi Sundar, musician.

One of the hallmarks of a good business is validation by industry peers.

What better way to celebrate CMTrading Partner’s ongoing efforts to provide a world-class trading experience than to be awarded by a premier industry website?

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Global Business Magazine has awarded CMTrading Partners with its ‘Best Partner Program GCC 2023’ title.

Not to miss out on the accolades, CMTrading has received 10 industry awards so far in 2023. Some of our awards include ‘Best Performing Financial Broker Africa’ and ‘Best Financial Broker Nigeria’.

Charlie Charalambous, Head of Global IBs, said:

“This is great recognition for the work that has been done over the years. I’m extremely proud. We try and maintain the highest standards of service. These awards are a way of calibrating those levels.

“It’s not about the deal or trading conditions for clients. It’s not even about the marketing services offered to Partners. For us, it’s all about knowing your partners, building a relationship, and doing whatever it takes to help them achieve success.”

Ibrahim Shanableh, regional manager GCC:

“I believe that CMTrading has been deservedly recognized for its achievements. The CMTrading team’s hard work and dedication have resulted in several notable awards, including Best Partner Program, reflecting the vision of top management to position CMTrading as a top-tier company.”

Millions of traders are seeking connections

Why do these matter?

When searching for a partner, especially in business, trust is paramount. A company that has an award-winning legacy such as CMTrading Partners, will ensure mutual success.

Earn a steady stream of income

Financial markets are worth trillions of dollars and are a gateway to huge profits for traders, companies, and investors. Millions of people are seeking alternative income streams and are exploring the fast-paced world of online trading.

But what if you’re not a trader? Don’t stress, there’s still a way you can earn an income from the financial markets by starting an Introduction Business. Having the ability to refer others to businesses has led to hundreds of thousands becoming network referrers and earning a living building social relationships.

What’s more, thousands are creating a name for themselves and earning a stable income stream simply by referring others to award-winning trading platforms, such as CMTrading.

CMTrading partners will not only help you take your first steps toward financial freedom, but we’ll also help you achieve it.

How to tap into the power of referrals

A partner you can trust

Established in 2012, we at CMTrading, the parent company of CMTrading Partners, have managed to create a niche in the trading industry and established ourselves as a force to be reckoned with. Our motto has always been “Founded by traders, for traders,” and that is a message we strive to convey.

The vision of CMTrading Partners is to ensure that anyone can profit from the financial markets regardless of skill or background. We are committed to all our partners and honor every deal we make.

Trusted market leader

A good partnership is built on trust. We have been a fully licensed and regulated broker since 2012. We value all our clients and believe in delivering the best possible experience on our platform. Join our growing community of 1,000,000 subscribers and partner with one of the best platforms on the market.

Fully supported

Your success is our success; the more clients you refer, the more income you generate, and the better our partnership grows. It is in our best interest to help you grow and succeed. We offer world-class support and a dedicated Account Manager to help your business thrive.

Fair treatment

Treating customers fairly is a core value at CMTrading Partners. It is the driving force behind our business, rules, and regulations. This is not merely a policy, but a vital component of our business.

Award-winning broker

We strive to deliver quality service and the best trading experience for all our clients. In recognition of our efforts, we have been awarded Best Broker Africa for 6 consecutive years (2017 to 2022). In 2023 we were awarded “Best IB Program GCC” and “Best Partner Program GCC”.

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Becoming an IB is an easy and exciting way to earn money – simply refer traders to CMTrading and let us do all the work! In return for referring clients to CMTrading, our IBs will receive a favorable commission.  So go ahead, start referring clients, and earn money when they trade. It’s that simple!


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